Jefferson and Franklin Club

The Jefferson and Franklin Club is an informal organization where people across the political, professional, educational, and experiential spectrum can meet at least once a month to engage in elevated and philosophical discourse. Living in the Washington, DC area our discussion topics will inevitably involve politics, however the aim is to expand to and encompass areas of science, literature, nature, art, business, etc.; hence, our namesakes are America’s two great polymaths: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Our models are The Club of 18th Century London, comprising such members as Samuel Johnson, Edmund Burke, James Boswell, Edward Gibbon, et al, and, of course, Benjamin Franklin’s Junto.

Finally, we feel that while one of the great benefits in living in the Washington, DC area is that there are so many educated people, there is, regrettably, oftentimes a dearth of wisdom. The ultimate objective of the Jefferson and Franklin Club, therefore, is to facilitate the discovery of truth and virtue, glean wisdom, and engage in fellowship.

On this page I will provide the monthly topics and reading lists.

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